Organic Pine essential oil

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Purifying pine is a versatile oil: it is the epitome of deep-rooted resilience, yet its sun loving needles carry a sense of lightness.

The aroma of Pine is dry, foresty and reviving with subtly resinous undertones. The benefits of pine essential oil include its diuretic and expectorant properties. It may also promote hair growth. Pine can rebuild strength in times of stress. Pine oil is high in pinene, an anti-inflammatory agent. Pine essential oil has also been studied for its ability to promote alertness.

Did you know? Pine is one of the most resilient tress on earth. It can grow in areas with very dry soils thanks to its deep root systems which allow it to reach groundwater while providing stability for the tall trunk that reaches towards the sun. Indeed, the ancient Romans celebrated pine trees in festivities around Spring Equinox.

Pinus Sylvestris, 10 ml