Organic Cedarwood (10ml)

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Cedarwood is woody, balsamic and grounding. Its deep aroma supports wellness and has many uses in personal care.

The balsamic aroma of cedarwood has a hint of sweetness under the 'saw-dust' like, quintessentially woody notes. Cedarwood oil benefits include its high concentration of sesquiterpenes which have the power to ease stress by stimulating the limbic part of the brain. Cedarwood oil can also be used to tone the skin, add shine to hair, soothe aching muscles or ease joint pain.

Did you know? Cedarwood gets its name from the Greek word 'cedrus' – the ancient Greeks themselves had originally borrowed the word from old Arabic, where the word 'kedron' meant 'power' or 'divine power'. Even today, cedar trees are a national symbol of Lebanon, prized for their impressive size, resilience and strength.

Cedrus Atlantica, 10 ml