Iota – Uplifting (10ml)

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This uplifting blend combines perky grapefruit, crisp bergamot and zesty pink pepper with light, airy pine. Ideal in the morning or whenever you want to lighten up the day.

Iota is an uplifting blend of certified organic essential oils that offers a bit of joie de vivre in a bottle. The wonderfully citrusy top notes of bergamot & grapefruit combine with zesty pink pepper and subtly powerful pine for a blend that's light in appearance but mighty in action. Grapefruit's uplifting limonene compliments bergamot's unique combination of energising and balancing properties. Stimulating pink pepper adds zest and its anti-inflammatory monoterpenols, which work with pine needle oil's pinene to facilitate resilience.

Blends very well with Sweet Orange for an even more citrusy scent.

Did you know? Iota is the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet. It is derived from an ancient Phoenician pictograph of a raised arm. The symbol can be seen as upwards movement & elevation, gravity that's reversed.


Pine essential oil (Pinus Sylvestris), Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus Paradisi), Bergamot essential oil (Citrus Bergamia), Pink Pepper essential oil (Schinus Terebinthifolia)