Atmos – Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (White)

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The Atmos diffuser features eco-friendly ceramic design, ultrasonic technology & mood lighting options. Perfect for use with our range essential oils and blends to create an ambience of your choice.


Atmos stands out for its eco-friendly ceramic design. The sleek curves of its reassuringly weighty lid add a contemporary touch to your home or office. Streaming out of its nozzle is a fine mist of essential oils to add a subtly luxurious feel to any space. Combined with lighting options that range from warm white to indigo blue, forest green & sumptuous pink, Atmos offers a multi-sensory experience.

Ease of use

Hidden inside the chic ceramic lid is modern ultrasonic technology. The cool mist function means that nothing but water and a few drops of essential oils are needed to release the pure fragrance notes of organic essential oils into the air. With a simple click of a button, Atmos delivers a fine stream of alluringly fragrant mist to fill up the room. Simply choose an oil or blend to tailor the mood for any moment in time. The mist settings include 1h, 2h and intermittent, with an automatic switch off function for ease of mind and continuous operation of several hours. Enjoy your chosen fragrance for longer, with a lasting effect.

Bottom Line

Atmos delivers all-natural home fragrance for use in the home, spa or office.

Did you know? The Greek word 'atmos' translates as 'steam'. The term 'atmosphere' is derived from this. Atmosphere in turn can refer to the air that surrounds plant Earth, or the 'mood' of a place.

Product Measurements

22cm (h)

9cm (w)

How to use

• Add water and a few drops of pure essential oil in the water tank

• Choose from several mist and light options

• Suitable for rooms up to 30m2