How to add a drop of goodness into your life?

Home Fragrance

Add a few drops of essential oil into an ultrasonic diffuser to fill up any room with all-natural scent of your choice. The cool mist technology ensures that the essential oil remains undamaged by heat. Choose between an individual essential oil or a blend to create an ambiance of your choice.

Skin Care

Mix a few drops of essential oil with a neutral carrier oil, body cream or moisturiser for a fragrant boost into your skin care routine. Certain oils may promote skin condition through their antiseptic or antioxidant effects. They also add all-natural scent and can be used to promote a sense of wellbeing.

Hair Care

Add a few drops of essential oil to your regular shampoo or conditioner. In addition to adding a lingering scent, some essential oils may promote shine and hair growth. See the individual product descriptions for details.


Add a few drops of essential oil into bath water or mix into a fragrance-free shower gel for natural scent and purity. The aroma compounds promote relaxation, but many essential oils are naturally antimicrobial and therefore purifying.


Add several drops into fragrance free detergent or laundry softener. When using a laundry drier, sprinkle on washed laundry prior to running the drier for freshly scented linens and clothing.


Mix water and an essential oil of your choice in a spray bottle to create a natural air re-freshener. Spray on bedding, carpets or curtains. Mix with any fragrance-free cleaning product for a naturally potent, anti-microbial effect and a lingering scent. Diffuse or apply topically to fight household mould.

*Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent: avoid use undiluted when applying topically.