Zoi Organic Helsinki is a family-owned business

Family values, nature, pure ingredients and scents are close to our hearts. The founder Henna Iivonen and her family are inspired by the scents and stories of the world – and these were really the starting point for Zoi Organic. We want to tell the stories of scents through our product range.

Zoi Organic was named after the Greek word “zoi” that means “life”. Our product family was born out of our passion for natural scents and versatile essential oils. Henna’s home is filled with the tantalizing fragrance of essential oils in many forms – in scent diffusers, laundry vinegar, cleaning agents, sauna scents, and so on. Essential oils have opened up a whole new world of scents to this chemical-sensitive entrepreneur.

We wanted to create a colourful and accessible product line of organic essential oils. Scents affect our emotions much like music, and a home that smells good is a welcoming place to come back to after work.

Our products come from organic-certified farms from around the world. Each plant or tree grows in its natural surrounding without synthetic toxicants or fertilizers. This ensures that our products are pure and of high quality. The standards for certification also mean that the principles of protecting the environment and wild animals are met.

Happy moments with essential oils!

Henna xxx

Founder of the Zoi Organic